Zharia N.
It was my first time here or to a gynecologist ever so I’d say it was pretty amazing

Kari S.
Probably the most down-to-earth, easy to talk to doctor I’ve ever seen. He was kind, gentle and informative. Glad I chose to visit, today!

Setareh D.
He and his staff were friendly and very professional!

Shalaya S.
I switched over to Dr. Patel in 2017 near the end of my pregnancy when I was unsatisfied with my last gynecologist. He is the best of the best hands down. His staff is also very nice!

Mia D.
Dr. Patel was unusually direct and honest. I found that very comforting. As a woman approaching 50 years old, I’ve felt tossed around for years when meeting with OBGYN doctors. I finally felt respected and treated like an intelligent, competent woman by Dr. Patel. Highly recommend him. Mia D.

Sydney W.
Dr. Patel was very nice and helped to ease my nerves about my visit! I would definitely recommend him.

Asaia M.
Always satisfied with service

J. B.
The best OB I’ve been to by far. I’ve never met a doctor that is a passionate about their patients as Dr. Patel. His staff is friendly as well.

Mayra S.
Dr. Patel has been my doctor for 3 years now and he has been an amazing doctor to me and deliver my daughter this year. He answered all my question and corners that i had. The staff is kind and always called me with my results and booked me in asap.

Holly S.
Dr. Patel is kind and understanding. He is always willing to answer questions and put my mind at ease. He delivered our first son, and now that we are expecting again, I’m confident I will have another excellent experience with him.

Deenis R.
Very easy to talk to the doctor. Will answer all your questions.

Grecia G.
I love this doctor! I am about to have my second child. Dr. Patel makes sure you do not leave his office with any doubts or questions. I love that you can call and he is willing to see you right away!

Jennifer G.
Awesome staff and an even more awesome doctor!

Chauntelle G.
I go to both offices, i started at the North location for my prenatal care. I was very happy I found Dr. Patel, he is one of the best doctors I ever had. He is honest, consistent and knows what hes doing. He is very caring and knows proper diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend Dr Patel. I travel to get proper care from him and I also drove far to deliver and it was a great experience. I am definitely keeping him as my doctor! Thank you Dr Patel and his team.

Equashai B.
He is a very good doctor. Knows what he doing.

Sierra G.
Dr. Patel was very personable and easy to talk to. I felt extremely comfortable which can be difficult when going in for an annual exam. He performed the exam quickly. He listened and fully answered all questions I had. He reviewed my file and expressed his own opinions and concerns and we created a plan for figuring out what will work long term.

Carmen I.
Dr Patel, Is a wonderful physician he cares about his patients. He takes his time to listen and encourages the patient to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Connie M.
Dr. Patel is possibly the nicest physician I have ever had. He explained things clearly and answered all my questions. Love this doctor!!

Lakiesha J.
My visits with Dr Patel are always great. His staff is awesome and all of my questions and concerns are always answered. This is my second child to be delivered by Dr. Patel and I couldn’t ask for better prenatal care!

Mary N.
I loved dr.patel he was there every step of way and helped me with all my problems. He is a really great doctor

Carol R.
He is the best on/gyn. Really caring and nice

Ferrin E.
You never have to wait everyone is always friendly and professional. He will spend time with you to answer all your questions he’s not rushed or in a hurry it’s been a very comfortable experience.