body contouring, skin tightening, muscle toning


Evolve by InMode is an innovative contouring solution that uses safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to target skin tightening, permanent localized fat destruction and muscle building and toning for total tissue contouring and body shaping. The Evolve maximizes patient results by individually targeting all tissues and provides the highest quality of body contouring available.

The ultimate in medical-grade technology from InMode, the most innovative company in medical aesthetic technology, ensures patients benefit from the high demand body sculpting trend. Three different Evolve handpieces and applications allow you to target different problems and concerns.

  • Evolve Trim: kill and eliminate subdermal adipose fat
  • Evolve Tite: tighten loose/lax skin
  • Evolve Tone: build and tone underlying muscle


Evolve TRIM targets the layers of fat below the skin using radio-frequency energy and a negative tissue vacuum. The 6 hands-free applicators provide uniform subdermal heating to the deepest layers of fat to provide the maximum results.

Evolve TITE uses radio-frequency energy to heat, target, and remodel the skin. The technology uses 8 hands-free applicators to deliver uniform heating to the surface of the target area of skin and sub-dermal layer for a pain-free treatment.

Evolve TONE targets the underlying muscle and uses radio-frequency and electromagnetic energy to tone and/or build up the muscle to improve the underlying muscle contour and shape. The 6 hands-free applicators provide uniform subdermal heating to the deepest layers of fat to provide the maximum results.

The treatment does not involve any abrasive techniques, which means that phenomenal results are achieved without any harsh irritation. This revolutionary procedure does not require the use of a scapel.

Due to the procedure’s non-invasive approach, there is little to no recovery following a treatment. However, it is still recommended that patients expect 3-5 days of moderate facial skin swelling following their treatment (not to worry - this is actually a good thing!).

Evolve comes with no recovery period or downtime. Patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after a session. The non-surgical, hands-free, treatment is as quick as it is painless and can even be performed in a lunch break. Mild redness and warmth following the treatment may be noticed in the targeted area but it will subside after a few hours.


Evolve Trim offers 6 hands-free applicators which deliver RF energy and a tissue vacuum. The patented technology delivers a uniform thermal effect to the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat to provide the maximum results.


Evolve Tite harnesses the power of RF energy to remodel skin and improve its appearance. The 8 hands-free applicators deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin & sub-dermal layer, to provide customized pain-free patient solutions.

With Evolve Tite microneedling, Dr. Patel and the expertly trained care specialists can tighten and firm the face and body.


Evolve Tone works by emitting electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to simulate involuntary muscle contractions. Tone’s 4 hands-free applicators target specific muscle groups to refine the appearance and strength of the muscle.

Tighten your thighs

Define your abdomen

Firm up your arms


Who is a candidate for Evolve?

Just like any other non-surgical body contouring procedure, Evolve isn’t intended to be a weight loss solution, nor reduce and remove as much fat as liposuction, or tighten skin like a tummy tuck, BUT, it is the next best thing to surgery. Candidates should be close to their desired weight and have pockets of fat and loose skin in the abdomen, waist, arms, hips or thighs, or weak underlying muscle tone that has been resistant to diet and exercise.

Can Evolve be used on all skin types?

YES! The radio frequency energy emitted by the treatment can be adjusted so that it can be used on ALL skin types! We are so excited to be able to offer a skin treatment that can be used by everybody!

Is Evolve painful?

A warm sensation is experienced and the vast majority of patients find Evolve treatments extremely comfortable. Evolve technology is hands-free, meaning patients can relax comfortably while the device gets to work. With the Evolve Tone, muscle building application, the patients feel a strong but tolerable sense of muscle contraction.

Are maintenance treatments required?

Evolve Trim treatment for the permanent destruction of fat, requires no maintenance treatments as the fat is gone. However, it does require weight neutrality as the increased weight will expand fat cells left behind. Evolve Tite, for skin tightening and Evolve Tone for muscle building will, like Botox® injections or other treatments, require a single maintenance treatment each, once every 3 months to maintain the skin tightening and muscle building.